Water Hotel

200,000,000 Leagues Under

200,000,000 Leaguee Under, presumably, the sea, is the water level which appears 6th. It has two distinct themes, being a lush underwater ecosystem and a vaguely steampunk underwater complex.

Open Ocean

The underwater area is open, and swimming allows the player to travel in any direction. Pockets of air and loot are scattered in all directions to take advantage of the free movement. The Pacifians live here, though they cannot enter the Complex to chase you, so consider fleeing there if you're in no mood to deal with them.

Steampunk Complex

The complex is much more confined and constricted passageways wind about. Accessible by airlocks, the narrow hallways lead to small rooms where most loot is kept. The walls are lined with pipes and gears. No Lesser Enemies inhabit this area.

Level 1

The first level is full of water. Air pockets are found by rocky outcrops, and colourful corals are found in abundance. Items are found near the air pockets.

Level 2

The second level begins to blend the water and steampunk complex themes. Large water areas pool in pits, connected by the narrow and winding passages of the complex. The halls of the complex occasionally lead to item stashes.

Level 3

A level focused almost entirely around the complex. The complex is shaped like a large ring, circling around a water area. Airlocks on the inside of the ring lead to different areas, and the player must find several buttons scattered within to open the exit gate.