Areas are the thematic zones, each consisting of 3 levels except for Sepulcrypt. The appear in the following order.

The appear as follows:

At the end of the 4th area, the player is given a choice of 2 exits, leading to their own areas.

They both lead to the same area.

At the end of the 6th area, the player is once again given a choice of 2 exits, leading to their own areas.

  • Horror Hive appears 7th, it has a beehive theme
  • The Dusk also appears 7th, it has a graveyard theme

They both lead to the same 8th zone

  • Fallen Heaven appears 9th, it has a ruins theme
  • Sepulcrypt appears 10th, it only has 1 level and is not randomly generated. It is a massive mausoleum complex


If a later zone is unlocked but an earlier one isn't, you just skip ahead. At the end of Sepulcrypt, the player can choose between the levels of Path A and Path B.

Path A

  • The Titan's Guts appears 11th, it has an internal organs theme. Unlocked by defeating 5 different bosses across runs.
  • Blood Asylum appears 12th, it has an asylum theme. Unlocked by killing 3 bosses in a single run.
  • Severed Faces Zone appears 13th, it is an area with severed faces everywhere. Unlocked by killing all major enemies in an area.

Path B

  • Demon Keep appears 11th, it has a demonic fortress vibe. Unlocked by unlocking 10 characters.
  • The Cult Temple appears 12th, it has a cultist theme. Unlocked by beating the Sepulcrypt 5 times.

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