Arnaldo the Corrupt

Arnaldo the Corrupt

Adnaldo the Corrupt is a money-themed enemy that chases the player and tries to tempt them with riches. Whenever it is damaged it drops several Large Coins, which are added to the player's money count upon reaching the exit. It will also periodically leave Large Coins on the ground as it moves about.

Large Coin

Large Coins

Large coins are transmuted into significant anounts of normal, spendable cash once the player reaches an exit, but having them in your posession slows you down slightly, with each coin adding more and more weight for you to carry. They cannot be manually dropped once picked up, though taking damage will cause you to drop 1/3 of your carried large coins. Their burden can make you vulnerable to other monsters.


"Back a thousand years or more, there once was a Lithuanian diplomat known as Arnaldo the Corrupt. He was a greedy fellow, as he visited the cities of far away lands, he would often sneak around and steal valuables from his hosts when discussing diplomacy.

One day, he found himself at the grand palace of Norway. Wandering along the elegant hallways, snatching the occasional candelabra, he spotted a large open vault filled with golden coins. Without restraint he flung himself into the vault and grabbed the coins, but while he was busy, a guard closed the vault door without noticing Arnaldo.

Trapped in the vault, he tried and failed to escape. Soon he heard cannon fire and screams, he had not diplomated Lithuania out of a war against Norway, and anyone who could have opened the vault door had been slaughtered.

For weeks, he was trapped in the vault, starving and delirious. Turning to the gold coins for sustinence, he died soon after. When the Lithuanians finally secured the palace, they found Arnaldo's corpse filled with gold, and decided to throw it into the ocean." -Lithuanian Wartime 57


Arnaldo is generally slow moving and hard hitting.

Arnaldo the Corrupt

  • HP: High
  • Speed: Slow
  • Damage: High

Arnaldo the Demonic

Drops more coins than its previous incarnation.

  • HP: Very High
  • Speed: Slow
  • Damage: Very High

Arnaldo the Grand

Drops larger coins, worth more but much heavier. Upon Arnaldo the Grand's untimely demise, it will drop the Big Bucks.

  • HP: Astronomical
  • Speed: Slow
  • Damage: Incredible