Bigger Brother is a boss of the Metropolis, and is a large angry face on a screen.

Bigger Brother


Bigger Brother is themed around surveilance, and it is fought in a high tech labrinth, comparable to The Matrix, though much darker. Light comes from the low glow of Bigger Brother's screen, and also from small and scarce blue lights.

The labrinth is composed of one large room, which houses Bigger Brother, and several tight and winding passages that shoot off from it. You enter the large chamber with Bigger Brother, and the entrances to the smaller offshoots are located up high. You must climb the metal platforms and beams to reach the offshoots, and Bigger Brother will harass you all the while as you ascend.

Bigger Brother

Bigger Brother has several projectiles to fling at you, it will fire lasers and bouncing balls of plasma, and when on low health, even deadly missiles. Cover is not common, and you must keep moving to avoid Bigger Brother's rage.


Once you have reached the offshoots, small screens inside will light up so Bigger Brother can observe and interfere with your progress. Reaching the ends of these passages is the sole way to damage Bigger Brother, as at the ends are placed levers which control its power supply.

However, these passages are dangerous. Filled with traps controlled by Bigger Brother. Timing your movements correctly, as to avoid the drills that spring from wall panels, fire salvos from the floor grates and crushing spike plates from tne ceiling, is key.


The Drills are triggered by your approach, proceeding slowly and with caution will cause them to fire off and reveal themselves. Once the player is in range, the drills will activate and deactivate on a timer.

  • Damage: Above Average

Fire Salvos

The Fire Salvos will spew flaming death regardless of the player's proximity. The alternate from on to off rather slowly, and are the easiest trap to deal with. They do deal incredible amounts of damage though.

  • Damage: Very High

Spike Plates

Spike Plates are especially devious, as they are only activated when the player is underneath them. They must sprint through them to avoid their spiky wrath, hopefully timed well enough to also avoid other traps.

  • Damage: High