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Bosses encompass large monsters and accompanying levels, designed for them. Standard weaponry will be ineffective, most of the time, and using objects found in the level against the boss will be the way to kill them.

Accessing Boss levels requires that the player finds The Obol, which is found somewhere in an area. Once they have found The Obol, they will be sent to a fourth level for the area, in which The Doubol is hidden. When the Player exits the fourth level, with Doubol in hand, they will be sent to the Boss Level.

Killing a boss will reward the player with a large stash of items and a full heal. They will also recieve a permanent stat boost for the remainder of the run. If 8 bosses are killed in a run, the player will be able to enter a Final Area after The Sepulcrypt.


1-Boss of The Park. A giant tree monster. It is fought in an underground parking garage.


2-Boss of The Matrix. A complicated killing machine.

Sheriff Sinister

3-Boss of Hellspring. A high-ranking Seripite Sheriff. It is fought in a Seripite town.


4-Boss of The Hyperborean. A penguin-snowman hybrid. It is fought on a floating frozen island.

Bigger Brother

5-Boss of Metropolis. A government agent's giant face on a screen. It is fought in a top-secret government complex.


5-Boss of The Basalt.


6-Boss of 200,000,000 Leagues Under. An ancient diving suit, reclaimed by the ocean. It is battled in an abandoned underwater fortress.


7-Boss of Horror Hive. A giant insect queen. She is battled in a giant evil bee hive.

Grand Ghoul Empress

7-Boss of The Dusk. The Empress of the Ghouls, she is a large ghoul with no legs. She is battled in a large cathedral and is damaged by playing music on the central pipe organ.

The Underlord

8-Boss of Fallen Heaven. A brutal demon king. It is battled atop the a group of plateaus, home to ancient ruins.


9-Final Boss, found in Sepulcrypt.