Chrono Creep

Chrono Creep is a possessed alarm clock from another dimmension. It has time-controlling abilities and may rewind itself to any prior location it has visited in the past 5 seconds. It leaves a trail as it walks to show where it can warp back to.


Chrono Creep

Can instantly teleport to anywhere it has visited in the last 5 second.

  • HP: Good
  • Speed: Sluggish
  • Damage: Good

Temporal Tyrant

Can warp anywhere it has been in the last 7 seconds.

  • HP: High
  • Speed: Normal
  • Damage: High

Watch Warlord

Will not spend any effort teleporting itself back in time, but rather, it can send a pocketwatch demon to anywhere it has been in the past 7 seconds. The Pocketwatch Demon will be able to move off course for as long as it lives, which is 3 seconds.

  • HP: Very High
  • Speed: Good
  • Damage: Very High