The Crouching Creature is a squatting, red figure, scarred and humanoid with mismatched yellow eyes and barred teeth.

Crouching Creature

"Can't a guy get some privacy?"

It sits in corridors, waiting for the player to stumble upon it. If it is not found in its current location for 45 seconds, it will get up and find a new spot. But should it spot the player when sitting or relocating to a new spot, it will strike.

It attacks with its mouth, gnashing its teeth and chasing the player, evidently imbued with a great undiluted rage. It moves at a good pace, though at not a great enough speed to make escape impossible. This is where it's gimmick comes in.

It will occasionally rip its larger eye from its socket and toss it at they player. This will deal significant damage, and the Creature will move at incredible speed to retrieve its eye. The Creature will be solely focused on getting its eye back, and will pause its pursuit for the moment. Damaging the eye will push it around to inconvenience the beast, as well as dealing double damage to the Creature.


The Creature comes in several flavors. Pistachio is the best one.

Crouching Creature

  • HP: Above Average
  • Speed: Quick to Very Fast (Retrieval)
  • Damage: Normal

Bent Over Beast

Throws out 2 eyes at once, just to get a good look at you. It must retrieve both before resuming its normal activities. Follows a deep blue colour scheme.

  • HP: High
  • Speed: Quick to Warp Speed (Retrieval)
  • Damage: High

Squatting Sadist

Will throw out two eyeballs at once, and must retrieve them both. Each eye takes triple damage and will shoot lasers every 2 seconds. Follows a fabulous golden colour scheme.

  • HP: Very High
  • Speed: Fast to FTL (Retrieval)
  • Damage: Very High to Normal (Laser)