A Cthunoid

The Cthunoids are the most basic of enemies. Flying low on the ground with average stats in every department, their main threat comes from their deadly status effects.


See picture.


They will aggresively hunt down the player, and will leave Oculuses around to act as spies to help them find you. They hunt in groups of 1 or 2. In combat they suicidally charge you and attempt to attack and inflict poisonous status effects.



The basic Cthunoids appear as early as The Matrix. They can inflict a slowing effect on you, lowering your speed.

HP: Average

Damage: Medium

Speed: All Cthunoids have Medium speed

Poison Cthunoid

These Cthunoids are the same as basic ones, except their slowing effect also inflicts light damage. These appear in greater and greater numbers through the game.

Void Cthunoid

The ultimate Chunoids, appearing only in the last areas of the game. Its poison does massive damage and can only be cured with Holy Water. Antidote is ineffective.

HP: Resilient

Damage: Extreme