Doompelgänger is a very special enemy, resembling the player and behaving differently for dofferent characters. Its stats will vary based on whichever character it is impersonating.


It will appear in different forms based on the player's character choice. It will copy their stats and then chase them around.

It will hang around within a large radius around the player, seeking out loud noises. It attacks by swinging its arms violently.


It will seem to be a crude, clay model of the player's character. It has an empty mouth and eyes, which give off a low red glow from deep within. It limps and flails around when moving.


It mimics the player's stats, but does so in several ways.


  • HP: What's
  • Speed: Mine Is
  • Damage: Yours


There are now two of them. They are conjoined, but will seperate in two when at half health.

  • HP: Ditto
  • Speed: Ditto
  • Damage: Ditto

Evil Triplets

There are three now, look what you've done. Each triplet has half of your health and begins in a different location on the map.

  • HP: You/Two
  • Speed: Ditto
  • Damage: Ditto