"You've been chased by noses, zombies and vegetables. Now prepare to be chased by an evil frog."

Froggy Freak

Froggy Freak is a small, impish enemy that attacks in numbers. Three of them will spawn, and they will split up and search the level for the player. If one finds the player, the others will be alerted, and they will begin their assault.

As a general rule, they move very quickly and try to stab the player with their syringe. Upon landing a successful attack, they will flee and generate a clone of themself.


Froggy Freaks come in several flavors of varying threat.

Froggy Freak

The standard frog.

  • HP: Low
  • Speed: Very Fast
  • Damage: High

Faster Froggy

A faster frog, 4 will spawn instead of the usual 3.

  • HP: Below Average
  • Speed: Warp Speed
  • Damage: Very High
Froggy Führer

Froggy Führer

The mother of all demented frogs, they spawn in groups of 5, with 4 of them being the Faster Froggies that are lead by the 1 Frog Führer. The Führer will spawn 2 froggies whenever any of its minions deal damage.

Upon death, the Führer drops either the Splice-O-Syringe or Leetle Injection.

  • HP: High
  • Speed: Average
  • Damage: Uber High