Growing Pain

The Growing Pain is a timer-based enemy, chasing down the player while simultaneously becoming more powerful. It starts weak, but gradually increases in strength, becoming faster, stronger and much more dangerous as time passes.

It appears to be a serpentine, one-eyed alien with long limbs. It grows in size as time passes.

Growing Pain

The standard. Each stage lasts around a minute and a half.

  • HP: Above Average

Stage I - 0:00 to 1:29

  • Speed: Slow
  • Damage: Low

Stage II - 1:30 to 2:59

  • Speed: Average
  • Damage: Average

Stage III - 3:00

  • Speed: Fast
  • Damage: High

Ultra Pain

New and improved. It has 2 stages but starts stronger. It also is orange and has an inverted eye.

  • HP: High

Stage I - 0:00 to 2:29

  • Speed: Average
  • Damage: High

Stage II - 2:30

  • Speed: Very Fast
  • Damage: Very High