The Hellspring is the third area of the game, taking on a desert theme and introducing the player to Lesser Enemies. It if the first inhabited area of the game, and within it dwell the Seripites, a race of reptilian creatures that pose little threat. These levels also have a time limit of sorts, as taking too long will cause the Birdfoot Face to spawn.

Architecture in the Hellspring features lattice windows and intricate carvings, as well as ornate clay roofs. Buildings are one or two floors high, though taller clocktowers are also present.

Desert Dweller

Level 1

The first level is sparesly populated, easing the player into the new world. Seripites are few and far between, and small cabins dot the desert landscape. The fields of sand are open and vast, small cliffs and hills are the most interesting features the surface can offer. However, small cave entrances lead to mineshafts, complete with rails and rideable carts. Items are scattered about the mines, and also can be found in the cabins above ground.

Level 2

The second level comprises of the outskirts of a Seripite civilization. Small buildings and the occasional clocktower are littered about, and wandering the homes and streets are the Seripites. They only attack by chasing the player, and are weak individually.

Level 3

The third level is a large Seripite city. Buildings are much higher, and tall towers are commonplace. These towers are connected by narrow bridges, and are part of the main path, as the exit has been place atop the tallest tower.