The Invisible Man, also known as the Indespectus Incommodum, is a weak enemy, but a hard one to beat. Little is known about the behavior of the Invisible Man, but he can be found roaming the graveyard at night. When the player is attacked by the Invisible Man, it may not be noticeable at first why you are taking damage. After the first few attacks, the Invisible Man will show itself as a black figure similar to the Whenderman. This may lead the player to believe the invisible man is part of the Mans family of enemies.


The Invisible Man cannot be seen unless it is attacking. When attacking the Invisible Man appears as a black figure slightly reminiscent of the Whenderman.


Invisible Man

The Invisible Man is a weak character, in its health and attack. However, the Invisible Man may be hard to see which makes it hard to attack, and allows the Invisible Man to sneak in some of its own attacks: Stealthy

Damage: Low

Health: Low

Speed: Medium

Ancient Invisible Man

The Ancient Invisible Man is older and wiser than the Invisible Man. This allows the Ancient Invisible Man to sneak in more attacks and hold off its transformation for longer periods of time: Annoying

Damage: Low

Health: Medium

Speed: Fast