This is a list of all the Non-Weapon items in the game sorted by importance.

Item List

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-=- || Uninteresting Pickups || -=-

Very common, simply offer provisions for your journey.

* || Health || *

Health pickups restore the Player's HP, and cannot be picked up if the Player is on full health. Touching one while damaged refills the Player's lifebar by the respective amount, though it will be wasted in part if the Player consumes a refilling item that heals more HP than the Player has lost.

Larger health pickups will be found less frequently than smaller ones in early areas, and in later areas larger ones will become more common.

|| Small Health ||

A teeny tiny bit of health. It refills 20 HP. The appearence of most health pickups varies depending on the area, like a Shallot in The Park, and a Paperclip bent into the Shape of a Heart in The Matrix.

|| Average Health ||

An adequate portion of health. It refills 40 HP. It can look like a Heart-Shaped Cactus in Hellspring, or a Snow Cone in The Hyperborean.

|| Big Health ||

A sizable chunk of health. It refills 80 HP. It can look like a Large Hotdog in the Metropolis, or a Slice of Lava Cake in The Basalt.

|| Deluxe Health ||

Looks the same in all areas, appearing as a large red orb with the letter "é". It appears to hover a short distance above the ground, and refills 160 HP.

* || Ammunition || *

Ammo can be found in packages of variable sizes.

|| Standard Ammo ||

Regular ammo, the most common type of round. It comes in packages of 10, 15 or 20.

|| Special Ammo ||

Ammo with peculiar attributes, found much less commonly than standard ammo but a bit more frequently than Items. Comes in packages of 15 or 20, only one type of special ammo can be held at a time. See a full list at the Ammo Category Page