Light Guardian

Light Guardians are Minibosses fought during the battle against The Underlord in order to progress the fight. Battling them is a drastic departure from normal stealth and survival gameplay, as you are forced into physical combat. You are given a Light Blade with which to fight, your previous weapons are stored until the battle has ended.

These small battles will take place on a disk of light, and you must push the guardians off of the edge, or be pushed off yourself. The Light Blade deals no damage, only knocking back your opponent, though the guardian's blade will deal damage in addition to knocking you around.


They will stand still to guard under most circumstances, and will block and counter your advance when stationary. If you stay still, they will begin to circle you, and then charge with their blades outstretched. Presciesely timing your counter-attack when they charge will knock them backwards, and after waiting until they have finished their charge, (if you successfully moved out of the way), you may strike them while they recover, pushing them whatever direction you hit them in.

Once pushed off, this small battle will be one and you may continue your assault on The Underlord.

Underlord Soul

The Underlord's Soul

A more difficult version, it has several new attacks in its arsenal. It can blast you with powerful beams of cosmic energy, it will charge up when standing still and telegraph by holding out its arm. The beam will deal a great deal of damage and knock you back very far.

It also may do a jumping charge, flinging itself into the air and charging downwards at great speed, you must aim upwards and time more presicesly to counter this attack, and if it should hit the ground, the dish will shake violently and throw the fighters about.

You must push off the soul 3 times before defeating it.