Manomandible is a large chunk of rotting flesh with 4 veiny eyes and spider legs, and a large mouth with two arms sprouting out of it. It's name derives from "mano", being hand, and "mandible", being mouth. It is designed to force the player to look upwards or be ambushed.


It will climb up walls onto the ceiling in an unexplored room near to the player. It will jump down on the head of the player should they pass under, but if it is damaged while still on the ceiling, it will be stunned momentarily and fall down.

If it does successfully land on the player it will grab them with its mouth hands and maul them, holding them in place and draining massive amounts of their health. Once it has damaged them sufficiently, it will throw them in a random direction, possibly into a bottomless pit.

After throwing the player, it will chase them down in hopes of mauling them again, but due to its slow speed, it will not likely be able to do so. When the player gets far away enough it will seek out a new ceiling meeting its criteria.



  • HP: Average
  • Speed: Slow
  • Damage: High


A meaner version of the mandible. It will throw them further and recieve a temporary speed boost after mauling the player, allowing it to then rush to wherever the player landed and maul them again. It will not recieve the boost if the player ism't thrown a sufficient distance, as to avoid unfairness.

  • HP: High
  • Speed: Average (Boost), Slow
  • Damage: Very High


This mandible is imbued with the power of extreme anger. It recieves a larger speed boost and throws the player further. It will also instantly teleport to a celing meeting criteria whenever the player gets too far away.

  • HP: Very High
  • Speed: Fast (Boost), Average
  • Damage: Incredible