Marble Man

Explorer's Log

"Day 22

"Today I would seem to have encountered a very strange creature. A statue of a human, carved in a pale grey stone, but possibly living. When first meeting the specimen it stood dormant, I found it directly behind me when I woke up just standing there with an unnerving look on its face. After a brief moment of shock and then examining it for a while, I went on to continue on my journey when, to my suprise, it sprung to life.

"It mimicked my previous motions with eerie accuracy, I suppose it had been watching me back whilst I inspected the creature, so its remarkable accuracy wasn't all that eerie in hindsight. I stood in place, watching it copy me watching it standing in place. It was all so fascinating until it caught up to me.

"The creature very much wanted to copy me, and when it came time for it to mimic me watching it, the beast's face split open to reveal an impressive set off bloody fangs. It viciously tore a chunk of my arm away and shoved me aside. As I recoiled on the floor, I watched it take my place and stand where I just was and resume copying my past actions.

"This creature was obviously hostile, I knew now that staying in one place for too long would give this creature opportunity to take the rest of my arm, and fled the site of that horrible creature. I later dubbed it as the Marble Man."

-Explorer's Log, Entry 22


Marble Man

Mimics the player's actions with a 10 second delay, you should be fine as long as you keep moving, though it will hurt you if you touch it.

  • HP: Invincible
  • Speed: I Can Be as Fast as You Want, Darlin'
  • Damage: Very High

Basalt Beast

Mimics with a 8 second delay. It also is larger than you are and may clog up hallways. Follows a darker colour scheme.

  • HP: Still Invincible
  • Speed: Copycat
  • Damage: Super High

Azurite Annihilator

Mimics with a 6 second delay. You can constantly feel its breath on the back of your neck. It smells very bad. Follows a deep blue colour scheme.

  • HP: Extra Invincible
  • Speed: Copycat
  • Damage: Astronomical

The Cerussite Collective

The only variant with "the" in the name. Consists of 3 individuals, one starts 8 seconds after you, the second starts 2 seconds after the first and the third is 2 seconds after the second. They are smaller than you and form an adorable miniature conga line.

  • HP: The Opposite of Vincible
  • Speed: Copycat
  • Damage: High (Multiplied by 3 of them)