Mean Bean

The Mean Bean is an enemy that must be unlocked to appear on levels. It mimics the form of vitality beets and is hard to distinguish from afar. Take care when inspecting because it will become agressive whenever the player is in close range, causing it to transform into a beet monster.

Multiple mimic beets will appear on each level, and upon triggering one of them, all the rest will disappear.

Mean Bean

The classic.

  • HP: Average
  • Speed: Average
  • Damage: High

Mean Bean Deluxe

The sequel. When triggered, all non-activated mimics will become Mini-Beans.

  • HP: High
  • Speed: Fast
  • Damage: Very High

Mean Bean Supreme

The mother of all Mean Beans. It is constantly on fire, and all non-activated mimics become flaming Mini-Beans. Leaves a dissipating trail of flames everywhere it goes.

  • HP: Very High
  • Speed: Fast
  • Damage: Astronomical