The Membane, (A Portmanteau of Membrane and Bane), is a collection of gory clumps, tied to one another by thick strands of a yellowy, gelatinous membrane. It seems almost humanoid, being vaguely bipedal.


Membane, like its name suggests, is designed to act as the bane of yoyr very existence. Every behavior it is given is meant to annoy the player, which is questionable game design.

For starters, it cannot die. It has low health, but killing it will simply cause it to flop over for a few seconds and then regain all of its health, as to begin the process once more.

It also will constantly remain nearby to the player, as it will seek to exist within a small radius player at all times. This will allow it to frequently find the player and begin its assault.

It attacks at a close range, but at a distance just slightly too far away for the player to damage it with most melee weapons. Its long limbs allow it to maintain this infuriating distance and deal damage.

Although it is slow in combat, it moves very fast when outside of the player's radius, allowing it to quickly catch up to them.


The Membane is considered a 2nd tier variant and only comes in the one form.

  • HP: Low
  • Speed: Slow to Very Fast (Seeking Radius)
  • Damage: High