Metropolis is one of the two choices for the 5th area in the game. It has a city theme, and has three levels that get progressively harder.


Level 1

The player spawns on the side of a busy highway. This level is highly puzzle based, because to advance to rhe next level, the player will have to ride the tops of cars and hop from car to car to get to the exit. On the sides of the highway, are trees with vines, appearing infrequently. If climbed, they contain loot, creatures, or sometimes, nothing. Thr player must find the exit and get there to advance to Level 2.

Level 2

The player starts by riding the car they used in Level 1 into a building. The must must then climb out, and find their way out of the level. The level is composed of small alleyways and narrows paths and streets. Buildings appear scattered, and if entered, contain similar odds to Level 1, in terms of mobs, loot, or lack thereof. The player must find the exit in the level.

Level 3

The player spawns in the middle of a small nieghborhood, infested with mobs. The mobs, however, do not aim to kill, but rather to rob. When the player has no more items or tools, the mobs will start to attack him/her. The player must defeat all the enemies, and find the boss, Hämestre. The player will then defeat him, and when doing so, Hämestre will be enraged, requiring the player to defeat him again, except this time, Hämestre will have more health than last time. Once defeated, the player will be able to advance to the next area.