The Mother Chungah is a character often found following the Christie Chunga or pacing around abondoned houses. If a player is within view distance of the Christie Chunga while the Mother Chunga is present, the Mother Chunga will violently attack with stolen guns. The Mother Chungah's only weakness is technology.


The Mother Chung appears to be depressed. Tears stain the Mother Chungah's face, and hair will often fall off the Mother Chungah in large chunks.


Basic Mother Chungah

The Basic Mother Chungah, though basic, packs a powerfull punch.

Damage: High

HP: Low

Speed: Medium

Psycho Mother Chungah

The Pshyhco Mother Chungah is insane, it will stop at nothing to destroy you. The Psycho Mother Chungah is able to call up to 5 other enemies within the area to help it fight.

Damage: Very High

Speed: Fact

HP: Low

Effect: Summon