Mister Creep

Mr.Creep is a teleporting monster meant to annoy the player. It takes on the appearence of a bald man with suspenders and pale-green skin.


It will shamble towards the player, it isn't very fast and is not incredibly dangerous. The threat it poses comes from its gimmick of teleporting in front of the player every so often.

Creep GIF


Mr.Creep comes in 3 different forms with increasing difficulty.


The classic creep, Mr.Creep will teleport every 40 seconds.

  • HP: Average
  • Speed: Slow
  • Damage: Medium


The more dangerous creep, it teleports every 30 seconds, and then will leap towards the player. Upon dealing damage to the player, it will teleport them a small distance.

  • HP: Above Average
  • Speed: Very Fast (Lunge), Slow
  • Damage: High


The very pinnacle of creepiness, this iteration poses a constant threat, teleporting every 25 seconds, lunging further and moving faster. The location from which it teleports to will be covered by a pool of acid that impairs the player's escape. When damaging the player, it will teleport them a medium distance.

Upon its defeat, it drops the Spooky Suspenders.

  • HP: High
  • Speed: Below Average to Very Fast (Lunge)
  • Damage: Average (Acid) to Very High


Mr Creep Concept

Concept art of Mr.Creep