Noodle Monster

The Noodle Monster is a constrictive monster that grasps its prey, the player, with its many tentacles. It appears to be a legged clump of noodles, with sunken eyes and pointed teeth.


It will chase after the player, and when within range, will shoot out its tentacles which constric the player. Constriction's effects may range from slowdown to complete paralysis depending on the variant.

Noodle Monster

Constriction slows the player down by 50%.

  • HP: Average
  • Speed: Quick
  • Damage: Normal

Hoodle Noodler

Constriction slows the player down by 75%.

  • HP: Above Average
  • Speed: Fast
  • Damage: Strong

Noodlest Doom Noodle

Constriction completely halts the player.

  • HP: High
  • Speed: Very Fast
  • Damage: High


Noodle Concept

The original Noodle Monster design had no facial features, and seperated the leg and noodle parts.