• The Sœphįæ Çłœußé (Sophia Clouse) is just like any other basic creature, but only this certain one is specified into the tank category. Reason being is of its size, weighing up to 2 tons, and able to break through any material or barrier in the game. Since this is a horror game, it is classified as a "pig", due to its size and shape. You can find these in the matrix section, and they appear as huge giants of white flesh with revealing clothes, push up bras, blonde hair, and starbucks hooked on to their belts. As welcoming as these creatures might look, they deal a whooping damage of 1000+, making it be able to instantly kill you almost everytime. The player can attack it in multiple ways, but the most effective way to rid these enemies, is with latex coated projectiles or melee. Since the Sœphįæ Çłœußé has a strong allergic reaction to the material known as "latex", you can obtain or craft latex bullets for your guns, and shoot off the creature, giving off 2000+ damage to it, and weakining it to a crawl. Another way you can put latex to good use, is obtaining or crafting liquid latex, which is pretty much pepper spray to the enemy, and with it, giving off only 500+ damage, since its just a mist, but will still weaken the enemy quite a bit.