Scott Rhodes


Scott Rhodes is a playable character with several gimmicks. He is a priest and is bound by honour, and thus deals much less damage to monsters that have not damaged him yet. This is crippling, meaning that hordes of smaller enemies will not easily be dispatched, and high-damage and lethal enemies cannot be dealt with easily. However, to make up for this, Scott recieves a large damage multiplier against those who have wronged him, and can retaliate extrodinarily effectively.

Starting Items

Scott also starts with several holy bonuses. Although he has less health than most, he will be ressurected and allowed to try the level again, but only once. He also may find pillars of light, with a pillar hidden somewhere on every third level. Standing in these pillars allows you to collect a blessing, such as a 50% health refill, a pile of loot, or a permanent increase to one of your stats.



Reach the 6th area without dealing lethal damage to anything.