The Seripites are Lesser Enemies, and are a race of reptilian creatures with large sideways mouths and claws. They are found within the Hellspring and are dressed in stereotypical "Wild West" garb like cowboy hats.




They generally dwell within small cities, and when unprovoked, will wander from building to building and usually avoid leaving city limits. They will socialize in pairs, actively seeking out someone to talk to if they are alone, though interacting with props takes priority.


When angered, by your very presence or agression, they will charge towards you and try to claw you to death. They will not alert other Seripites when attacking but your noisy attacks may draw attention. If you escape their wrath, they will head back to town and carry on with their lives.


  • HP: Very Low (40)
  • Speed: Sluggish (3x)
  • Damage: Above Average (8)