An example of a spook

The Spooks are the foes of the Player, with 3 picked randomly from the pool of all Spook-Kind to torment the Player for a level. A new pool is selected at the start of each level, and more than 3 will spawn under special circumstances, like when cursed by Tough Luck.


Some Spooks are stronger than others. Higher Spook Variants will replace low-tier ones occasionally.

  • Tier One Variants will spawn most of the time
  • Tier Two Variants will spawn 1/3 of the time, as to appear once per level most of the time
  • Tier Three Variants will spawn 1/9 of the time, as to appear once per area most of the time

Exceptions do very much exist, and odds for higher variants increase as the Player progresses through the game. Later levels have a slight increase in odds for second and third tier variations.


Third Tier variants often have drops unique to their species, which can help the Player on their journey.

Spook List

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