The Matrix is the second level in the game. The subway exits of old have been replaced by large mechanical gates. This stage is far less open than The Park, taking on a labyrinthine design, with vast mazes surrounded by huge metal walls, covered in technological equipment, such as large monitors, button panels, switches, rotating gears and tapes, and large vents. Items can also be found left on the floor by dead ends in the maze.

Level 1

The first level of the Matrix introduces the player to the maze-like nature of their new surroundings. Digitized versions of items can be found inside of the monitors on occasion, and can be interacted with to get them. The vents are closed off and cannot be accessed without a Screwdriver.

Level 2

The second level of the the Matrix adds in vertical sections and opens up some vents. Closed vents are often locked and require the keys scattered about the level to open, but some are simply screwed shut and can be opened with a Screwdriver. Closed and locked vents serve only as shortcuts or alternate passages that usually lead to piles of items. Open vents may serve as the sole routes to the exit, and often must be used to reach the exit.

Level 3

The third level of the the Matrix has many locked gates and vents, and the gates require Large Keys which can only be obtained and used on this level, as they are left behind when progressing. Some vents are still open, but now only lead to item stashes, as the main path is now obvious, being the widest hallway, lined with monitors and buttons. Mazelike elements are present only in the elaborate paths to find items and keys, needed to unlock the gates obstructing the main path.


  • Previous names for the area: The Painframe, The Strainframe, The Brainframe and The Motherboard