The TransVaptor is a tedious enemy to fight off. Appearing only in the second area it does not attack unless provoked, but it does drop some nice loot.


The TransVaptor will sometimes be noticed standing next to computers in the Matrix area. After smoking E-Cigarettes one day it became obsessed with guns and knives. Legend has it that the 7th area was filled with the bodies of the TransVaptors. Occasionally TransVaptors will be noticed making out with computers running the process Trans.G. The TransVaptors will never attack unless provoked but their knives and guns make them stronger than most of the enemies all the way up to area 4.


The TransVaptors can be identified by their blonde hair in contrast to their black and red clothing, and they will either have a gun or knive strapped to their belt.


Basic TransVaptor

The basic TransVaptor deals massive damage HP but are not a threat unless approached: Dangerous

Damage: Very High

Bloodied TransVaptor

The Bloodied TransVaptor deal the same damage HP as Basic TransVaptors, but they are more experienced and the damage can in no way be dodged: Moist

Damage: Very High