Adjectives are used on the Wiki, which is pretty dumb. This page exists to give exact numbers to the adjectives.

Health (Refferred to as HP, Dumbo)

  • Incredibly Low-20
  • Very Very Low-30
  • Very Low-40
  • Prety Low-50
  • Low-60
  • Below Average-80
  • Average- 100
  • Above Average-125
  • Good/Resilient-150
  • High-200
  • Very High-250
  • Astronomical-350
  • Invincible-Infinity and Beyond


  • Low-3
  • Below Average-4
  • Average-5
  • Above Average-8
  • Good-15
  • High-22
  • Very High-30
  • Incredible-40


  • Very Slow-1x
  • Slow-2x
  • Sluggish/Below Average-3x
  • Average-5x
  • Quick-7x
  • Fast-9x
  • Very Fast-12x
  • Warp Speed-15x
  • FTL-18x

Combat Philosophy

Under most circumstances, the Player should not be shooting to kill. Ammo is scarce and melee is risky, and thus all weapons apply a slight slowing effect to their targets. Skilled Players will recieve bonuses for their mastery of Onsécher's mechanics.

Eyeshots and Critical Swipes

-Good accuracy with a gun is rewarded with additional slowing and damage.

-Well-timed melee swipes can make the Player invulnerable for a split second, as to negate the health risks of close combat, and dole out additional damage and knockback.

Stealth is Always an Option

Enemies are designed to always stay within a certain distance of the Player, whether they can see them or not. They will wander within the radius of the Player in hopes of finding and killing them. A clever Player can detect the enemies and avoid being detected by limiting their use of firearms and sprinting, as both produce large amounts of noise. Enemies often are accompanied by a sound and listening for it will help the Player not die.

Should an enemy detect the Player via direct line of sight or loud noise, they will attack, and the Player must fight, flee or dabble a bit in both. Be wary of other enemies that may not have already spotted you, as a horde of monsters chasing you is undesirable. Gunfire and sprinting, things a Player would likely do when combatting an enemy, produce noise and may attract additional attention.

Page Creation

Are you a mildly creative individual? No? Oh well. Make a page.


  • A Picture is worth a thousand words, try to put a picture in
  • Gimmick section, make it make sense with the monster's pun-name and design, like a plant that grows, or an octopus that shoots ink
  • Variants section, it is advised that you make 3 of them with increasing stats and new gimmicks


  • Simple stuff, stats and gimmick