Wall Maw is an enemy consisting of multiple entities, as this creature is joined by its sinister cohorts, the Wall Spawn.


Wall Maw

Wall Maw

The Maw is bound to walls, it cannot move off of the walls it clings to, though it can sink in and out of walls. When it sees the player, it will regurgitate Wall Spawn. It can bite the player if they get too close.

Wall Spawn

Wall Spawn

The Spawn are the primary damage dealers, and will swarm the player. They will explode after 10 seconds, though this deals no damage.


The Wall Pals come in several delicious flavors.

Wall Pals

Wall Maw

  • HP: Normal
  • Damage: Average
  • Speed: Normal

Wall Spawn

  • HP: Incredibly Low
  • Damage: Average
  • Speed: Fast

Maul Pals

Maul Maw

This variant can move on ceilings in addition to walls. Floors are still put of the question.

  • HP: Respectable
  • Damage: Good
  • Speed: Quick

Maul Spawn

These ones move faster and will lunge when at close range.

  • HP: Very Low
  • Damage: Good
  • Speed: Very Fast

Doom Pals

Doom Maw

In addition to moving on ceilings, the Doom Maw can spit fireballs directly in front of it.

  • HP: High
  • Damage: High to Good (Fireball)
  • Speed: Very Fast


The Doomspawns' explosions deal damage and shoot 3 fireballs in random directions.

  • HP: Low
  • Damage: Astronomical to High (Fireball)
  • Speed: Warp Speed