"Bedford doesn't have wolves."-Zared Celentano 2016


The Zared is a particularly deadly enemy. It is surrounded by a deadly cloud of homosexuality spores, and will ruthlessly attempt to poison the player by shooting these spores at dangerously lethal speeds.


The Zared will attempt to poison the player with its spores. When the Zared begins to circle the player, the player will have a maximum of 5 seconds to escape before being ruthlessly injected with spores. Higher level Zareds will sneak up on the player or even throw sacks of these deadly spores.


You can tell the Zared apart from other enemies by its skin flake flares that will erupt from its arms at any given moment. Another key mark of the Zared is its hideous curling hair. Sometimes higher level Zareds will appear with a Mohawk cut into a mini Afro. The Leper Zareds will always be noticeable because of their brightly colored spore sacks and missing limbs.


Basic Zared

Appearing in the first area, these Zareds are weak and pose little threat HP: Flimsy

Damage: Low

Speed: All Zareds have medium speed

Flaky Zared

A deadlier version of the Zared that can pose a threat in large numbers. HP: Below Average

Damage: Medium

Leper Zared

The deadliest of Zareds that leave a trail of toxic skin behind them, dealing massive damage. HP: Resilient

Damage: High